See good photos, paintings, movies!

The main problem of most novice photographers is not the lack of good photographic equipment or even a lack of some special skills. The main problem is the lack of artistic taste. Build yourself a good artistic taste! See photos of famous photographers, visit exhibitions. By the way, when was the last time you were in the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery? Analyze the work of real masters: why did the artist or photographer decide to show this and that? How is the composition structured? How did the author work with light?

Visiting exhibitions, viewing galleries of famous photographers and artists on the Internet is what will give you good luggage for your personal creativity. And vice versa: it is better not to watch bad, mediocre things.

Why is it important? Imagine what happens if a person who has never seen a single picture is given brushes and paints in his hands? Most likely, he will not understand what to do with them; at best, he will depict something in the spirit of rock art. For example, some isolated African tribes are unable not only to perceive the image on the plane, but even to distinguish colors that are not responsible for their survival, are not found in their environment. Because no one taught them this, they do not have the necessary experience for this. It is natural for a person to use what he has seen, accumulated experience in his life and work. This experience is a must. As photographers say, “you need to be seen”.