“Photography is easy!”

Like many creative pursuits, photography seems like a very simple thing until you do it yourself. For example, like playing musical instruments, dancing, singing… You look at a professional dancer and think: “how simple and natural everything turns out for him! It seems that there is nothing difficult in this! I can do the same!” But when you try to do at least a couple of dance moves on your own, it turns out that it’s not so easy: at least you need special training.

It’s the same with photography: despite the seeming simplicity, taking good pictures is quite difficult. After all, it requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Moreover, both technical (how to set up the camera, for example) and creative (how to compose a shot, how to choose the right lighting). Sometimes we are talking about issues that seem to be indirectly related to photography. For example, how to plan a tourist trip to get a lot of good shots; how to make a child sit still while being photographed… By the way, we will cover all these topics within the framework of this project. Stay tuned!

On the other hand, when you have the necessary experience, photography is really easy and enjoyable. The camera does not interfere with getting good shots, and the composition is built intuitively. But for this you need to train, learn, gain experience.